Hey everyone! With the new excitement surrounding the Umbrella Sky Project in Coral Gables, I thought I'd go check it out for myself! The new pop up art installation is located in Giralda Plaza and it's here for the rest of the summer (two months to be specific). With over 720 hanging umbrellas, the installation gives [...]

Cafe Béa

Cafe Béa is one of my favorite brunch spots. It gives you the traditional cuban hospitality with a modern and chic touch. The staff is always very kind and the menu is very inexpensive. My favorite items on the menu are the Mint Lemonade and the Croque Madam (pictured below). You can also see in [...]


For someone who lives 1 hour away from Wynwood, I do spend a lot of time there. The art district is one of my favorite places in Miami, Fl. It holds some of the most interesting people and there's art everywhere you look. On this particular day, I was exploring and walking into every single [...]

Coral Gables Farmers Market

The Coral Gables Farmers Market at Merrick Park has quickly become one of my favorite Saturday pastimes. Located on the corner of Miracle Mile and LeJeune Road, it's energetic crowd is hard to miss! From produce vendors to bakers, the Farmers Market is a great way to get out of the house to get some [...]